Keith Barraclough Dog Park Promo for Animal Planet

Jacqui Palumbo

Keith Barraclough has been telling story through portraiture for twenty years. The New York-based photographer primarily shoots for advertisement and editorial clients and has lived and worked across the globe in locations such as France, Belgium, Africa and Japan. Barraclough brings a unique perspective to his images while realizing his clients’ visions, resulting in repeat assignments and loyal business relationships.

Barraclough has shot multiple times for Discovery over the years after meeting several art buyers through the American Society of Picture Professionals, where he was a local board member in Washington D.C. Since then he has been commissioned to photograph for Travel Channel, Investigation Discovery and Animal Planet, all part of parent company Discovery Communications, LLC. He has shot four assignments for Animal Planet and was approached again recently to do promotional material for their new online reality show “Dog Park.” Set to air early September, the show follows five New York City dog owners as they “circumvent the trials and tribulations of dog-park etiquette.” Barraclough was asked to take environmental portraits of the cast members with their pooches at Washington Square dog park in Manhattan.

As any photographer knows, it is best to expect the unexpected while photographing animals. Barraclough’s main challenge was keeping his gear safe. The dogs kicked up dust from the gravel-covered ground into his strobes and camera, and Barraclough’s assistant narrowly saved a generator from a poodle hovering over it with a raised leg. From then on, his equipment had to be entirely hand held during the 3-hour-long shoot.  His other concern was isolating the cast members in the small, busy dog park. Luckily the park goers were more than happy to step out of the way of his shots.

The final images will be used on and for other advertising surrounding the show. His client could not have been more pleased. Manager and Interactive Photo Editor Beth Howell Caldwell says, “I rarely have the occasion to hire photographers for our online networks and projects, so when an opportunity arose to hire Keith for, I jumped at the chance. With a couple days’ notice, Keith reviewed some rough cut video of the Dog Park cast to get a feeling for the show, however, his creative spin has helped visually define the characters and the location of Dog Park.  Keith is a welcomed talent at Discovery and I look forward to producing more shoots with him this summer and fall.”

To see more of Keith Barraclough’s work, visit his Web site.


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