Kim Lowe Interview in POP

Jacqui Palumbo


One of the latest interviews on Photographers on Photography (POP) comes from Kim Lowe, art director-turned-photographer who is one of the leaders reinventing kids and lifestyle photography. POP editor Alison McCreery sums up her images perfectly: "Their graphic sophistication, uncluttered composition, and spirited and playfully captured emotions pull back the curtain and reveal the sense of wonder, joy and delight that is front and center in childhood and almost imperceptibly becomes eclipsed over time, harder to find as life and the years accumulate."

In the interview, Kim Lowe explains that being an art director for nine years helped her to shape her vision before she ever became a photographer. "Art directors see a lot of photography, a lot of the same photography - just from different photographers...It's easy to take a picture. It's hard to take a picture that no one has seen before. Isn't that the thrill of shooting?"

 To read the full interview, click here. To see more of Kim's work, visit her Web site.

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