MARS Horsecare BUCKEYE Nutrition Campaign Shot by Colin McGuire

Jacqui Palumbo

Portrait and lifestyle photographer Colin McGuire teamed up with Fahlgren Advertising Agency to shoot for client MARS Horsecare US Inc on location in Centerberg, Ohio. The campaign, currently running nationwide, is based on a concept of the “extraordinary horse,” and features horses that have been transformed into unicorns and pegasuses through the top quality ingredients of BUCKEYE Nutrition horse feed.


McGuire was selected for “his natural style and ability to create mood through lighting.” It was important for the shots to not be stylized, as the photos would need to be highly manipulated post-production. McGuire’s knack for constructing natural atmospheres is apparent in all of his work; he is extensively experienced in crafting lifestyle images that invoke emotion through lighting, without being heavily manipulated or unnaturally lit. It takes a talented photographer to feign organic moments, especially in complicated set ups. In order to get the best possible shot, McGuire set his camera up just inches from the ground, lying on the grass while the horse ran towards him repeatedly.


The weather also presented challenges that called for McGuire’s intuition in lighting techniques. The shoot took place early in the day to capitalize on the beauty of soft, morning light, but a cloudy sky prevented any sun from showing. It was necessary for McGuire and his team to quickly set up lights in a way that mimicked early sunlight and highlight the horse’s coat in a majestic way.


This was the first time McGuire worked for MARS, but has had over a ten year relationship with Fahlgren. Creative Director and Designer Bill Marconi says, “"How can you not like a guy who lays on the ground and allows a horse to run toward him repeatedly until he gets the best possible shot? He wasn’t afraid to put himself out there for a great image. Colin McGuire understood our vision and was able to bring this series of images to life in a realistic way. He has a gift for capturing a moment in true lighting and an eye for great composition. He and his crew were a pleasure to work with and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.”


The BUCKEYE Nutrition campaign is currently running in Equine interest magazines nationwide. McGuire’s images are also featured on MARS distribution trucks. To view behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot, click here, and to see more work by Colin, visit his Web site.


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