torrisi virtual reality

© YouVisit

Photo Director Allyson Torrisi of Popular Mechanics Explores Virtual Reality with You Visit

February 09, 2016 - Photography Director Allyson Torrisi of Popular Mechanics explores the Virtual Reality experience in an interview with You Visit virtual reality tours and their cutting-edge trend that will affect photography assignments 360 degrees. More »


© Mike Carroll

CD Nik Nikolov Chooses Mike Carroll for Mission Impossible and Accomplished

December 31, 2015 - Creative Director Nik Nikolov chooses photographer Mike Carroll as the guy who gets it done on budget, on time and lets clients rest easy. More »


© Amy Yvonne Yu

Art Producer Amy Yvonne Yu Looks at How the Internet Changed Imagery

December 03, 2015 -  Art Producer and consultant Amy Yvonne Yu looks at the ever-changing trends of image creation across all platforms and how hiring and production have been affected. More »


© CreateShops

Editor's Pick: PhotoServe Partners with Daniel Castro's CreateShops' Photo SuperShop

October 28, 2015 - PhotoServe is partnering and offering discounts with CreateShops' Photo SuperShop for creative warriors, presented by photographer and director Daniel Castro. More »

lipton galler

© Paulette Phlipot

Gary Lipton of Lipton Fine Arts Takes Inspiration from Food Photographer Paulette Phlipot

August 31, 2015 -  Gary Lipton, owner of Lipton Fine Arts Gallery in Ketchum, Idaho, is inspired and educated by the social impact of the food and culinary photography of Paulette Phlipot. More »


© Bryan Regan

Photo Editor Devon Baverman Chooses Bryan Regan for the Details

August 01, 2015 - Devon Baverman, Associate Photo Editor at Popular Mechanics, chooses photographer Bryan Regan for his detailed work that makes images jump off the page. More »

lowden maloof ge

© Scott Lowden

Photographer Scott Lowden Is Welcomed Guest at House of Current

June 08, 2015 - Lisa Maloof, Parter at House of Current, a branding, design and interactive marketing agency in Atlanta, chooses the work of  photographer Scott Lowden for his unmatched comfort level, unique vision, excellent pre-production planning and quality imagery. More »

ketterman guest ed

© Ryan Ketterman

Kim Tippin, Associate Creative Director at the Dalton Agency, Chooses the Expertise of Ryan Ketterman

April 30, 2015 -  Associate Creative Director  Kim Tippin at the Dalton Agency of Jacksonville, Florida, relies on Ryan Ketterman for his stellar skills, enthusiasm and expertise for on-location work. More »

ginette wright guest ed april

© Joe Schmelzer

Ginette Wright of NRT LLC Talks Collaboration with Joe Schmelzer

April 01, 2015 - Ginette Wright, VP of NRT LLC,  the largest residential real estate brokerage company in the U.S, talks to photographer Joe Schmelzer about the creative collaboration process for the perfect home. More »

limor lindsay

© Lindsay Adler

Sr. Art Director Limor Garfinkle of SMA NYC Chats with Fashion Photographer Lindsay Adler

February 03, 2015 -  Sr. Art Director Limor Garfinkle of ad agency SMA NYC talks with photographer Lindsay Adler about building her name, her brand and her vision for powerful fashion and hair photography. More »

pedro portfolios

© Pedro + Jackie

Photo Consultants Pedro and Jackie Discuss the Value of Portfolio Reviews

January 02, 2015 - Photo consultants Pedro and Jackie discuss the value of portfolio reviews for networking, connections and as idea generators and catalysts for new work. More »


Senior Art Producer Mark Pakulski at Olson Minneapolis Chooses Colby Lysne for Great Storytelling

December 02, 2014 - Mark Pakulski, Senior Integrated Art Producer for Olson Minneapolis, clicks with the the humor, storytelling and passion for ideas and creativity of photographer Colby Lysne. More »

est ed kuhlmann

© Brian Kuhlmann

Art Director Katie Gerdes Chooses the Vibrant Lifestyle of Photographer Brian Kuhlmann

November 04, 2014 -  Art Director Katie Gerdes is addicted to the energy and vibrant lifestyle work of  photographer Brian Kuhlmann. More »

bostin globe

© Webb Chappell

Photographer Webb Chappell Is the Go-To Guy for Greg Klee of the Boston Globe

October 01, 2014 - Photographer Webb Chappell is the go-to guy for Deputy Design Director Greg Klee of The Boston Globe when he needs great portraiture and fast, creative thinking. More »

barraclough caldwell

© Keith Barraclough

Beth Caldwell of Discovery Communications Chooses Keith Barraclough for Animal Planet's Dog Breed Selector

September 02, 2014 - Beth Caldwell, Sr. Manager of Photo Services at Discovery Communications, selects photographer Keith Barraclough for her Animal Planet.com Dog and Cat Breed Selector photography. More »


PDN Photo Annual 2016: Photography Contest


© Andrew Hetherington
PDN February 2016: The Celebrity Issue

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