© George Kamper

George Kamper Wins Silver from One Eyeland for Beauty and the Reef

March 10, 2015 -  
George Kamper won Silver in the categories of photography and retouching from the One Eyeland Annual Photo Competition for his Beauty and the Reef photo story. More »

cade nba small

© Cade Martin

Cade Martin Photographs NBA All-Stars for Gala Event

March 04, 2015 -  Cade Martin photographed Behind the Bench, NBA Wives Association,  "Touching a Life" gala event to benefit  the American Cancer Society. More »

crosta paris

© Laura Crosta

Laura Crosta Shoots Paris Baguette Campaign

March 03, 2015 -  Laura Crosta shot a 2015 calendar campaign for Paris Baguette cafes around the world. More »

limor cancer photos

© Ofeigur Lyosson

Dad – Living with Cancer – a Series by Ofeigur Lyosson

March 03, 2015 -  Guest contributing editor Limor Garfinkle interviews photographer Ófeigr Lýðsson of Iceland, who has been documenting his Dad as he goes through treatment for cancer. More »

morris vintage studio

© David Morris

David Morris Studio Gets a New Look with Vintage Style

March 02, 2015 -  David Morris Photo has revamped his studio for high-tech shoots and services with an industrial vintage look. More »

lowden maloof ge

© Scott Lowden

Photographer Scott Lowden Is Always a Welcomed Guest at Atlanta Agency House of Current.

March 02, 2015 - Lisa Maloof, Parter at House of Current, a branding, design and interactive marketing agency in Atlanta, chooses the work of  photographer Scott Lowden for his unmatched comfort level, unique vision, excellent pre-production planning and quality imagery. More »

weschler flashes

© Michael Weschler

Standing Out Amongst the Noise with Michael Weschler

March 02, 2015 -  Michael Weschler photographed portraits of children who are survivors of cancer for Flashes of Hope. More »

spanie rstills tomotion

© Ian Spanier

Moving from Still to Video or Both with Ian Spanier

February 06, 2015 - Ian Spanier talks about the move from still photography to video and the cohesiveness with storyboarding, lighting, sound and post production it takes to be a successful filmmaker. More »

limor lindsay

© Lindsay Adler

Sr. Art Director Limor Garfinkle of SMA NYC Chats with Fashion Photographer Lindsay Adler

February 03, 2015 -  Sr. Art Director Limor Garfinkle of ad agency SMA NYC talks with photographer Lindsay Adler about building her name, her brand and her vision for powerful fashion and hair photography. More »

hanson gender

© Jonathan Hanson

Jonathan Hanson Shoots Gender that Defies Stereotyping

February 02, 2015 - Jonathan Hanson  shot a portrait project for The Washington Post  Magazine where he captures the fluidity of gender and sexuality. More »

kaplan corn

© Eli Meir Kaplan

Eli Meir Kaplan Photographs the Beauty of Agriculture

February 02, 2015 -  Eli Meir Kaplan takes on personal project that looks at the hard work, as well as the beauty of the corn-harvesting process. More »

bowie expedition

© Matthew Bowie

Matthew Bowie Shoots Antarctica Explorers His Way

February 02, 2015 - Photographer Matthew Bowie takes inspiration from images of the 1910 Robert Scott expedition to Antarctica to create his own Antarctic Expedition. More »

kessler aultpatk small

© Gary Kessler

Gary Kessler Shoots Auto Classics for Ault Park Concours

February 02, 2015 -  Gary Kessler getsa dream assignment to photograph 2015 Porche 918 Spyder and a classic 1954 Mercedes Benz for Ault Park Concours ad campaign. More »

florence leyret dangers

© Florence Leyret Jeune

Wild Horses Can't Stop Photographer Florence Leyret Jeune

February 02, 2015 - Florence Leyret Jeune talks about the dangers you can face in this work, as when she was photographing religious festivals in Michoacan, Mexico when a horse went wild and attacked her. More »

hawley true faith thumb

© Tim Hawley

Tim Hawley Documents a Guitar Maker's True Faith

January 07, 2015 -  Tim Hawley documents the story of  a simple homesteader, Ed Stilley of Hogscald, Arkansas, who has been making musical instruments for kids and gives them away free of charge as an act of TRUE FAITH. More »


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