neitzel supreme court

© John Neitzel

John Neitzel Photographs Lawyer Douglas Hallward- Driemeier of Gay Rights Marriage Case

June 29, 2015 - John Neitzel photographed  Douglas Hallward- Driemeier, the  lawyer who presented the Gay Rights Marriage case to the Supreme Court. More »

lacasa wedding

© Stephane Lacasa

Stephane Lacasa Shoots Hollywood Wedding Oahu Style

June 28, 2015 - Stephane Lacasa shot the wedding of Hollywood screenwriter Aaron Kandell in Oahu. More »

alvegard shalom

© Tatjana Alvegard

Tatjana Alvegard Shoots Retirement Home Promo

June 28, 2015 -  Tatjana Alvegard shot new promotion for Village Shalom Retirement Home. More »


© Scott Witter

Scott Witter Shoots Foxygen for No ToFu Magazine

June 26, 2015 -  Scott Witter got to be cool and creative foe "The  Bad Issue"  of No ToFu magazine with portraiture of  indie rock celebrity musicians and  upcoming actors. More »

phlipot vegetables

© Paulette Phlipot

Paulette Phlipot Makes Real Food into Fine Art

June 25, 2015 -  Photographer Paulette Phlipot exhibits her colorful fractals of fruits and vegetables at Lipton Fine Arts in Ketchum, Idaho. More »

robie capps

© Robie Capps

Dallas Photographer Robie Capps Comes to PhotoServe

June 25, 2015 -  PhotoServe welcomes advertising photographer Robie Capps with new portraiture and active lifestyle imagery. More »

ted education

© Ted Horowitz

Ted Horowitz Photographs Molloy College Education Promotion

June 25, 2015 -  Ted Horowitz has new education work shot for Molloy College, New York. More »

koh exhibit small

© Jacqueline M. Koh

Jacqueline M. Koh Exhibits Solo at WIX NY

June 25, 2015 -  Jacqueline M. Koh has a solo show of her portraiture at WIX/NY opening July 15, 2015. More »

boyd swift ave

© Neil Boyd

Neil Boyd Shoots Commercial Real Estate

June 24, 2015 -  Neil Boyd shot architecture photography for Greystar Properties in Durham, North Carolina. More »

cade tattoo

© Cade Martin

Cade Martin Presents Tattoo Portraiture Series

June 24, 2015 -  Cade Martin presents a new tattoo portrait series on his newly redesigned website.. More »

washburn criquet small

© Craig Washburn

Craig Washburn Shoots for Vanity Fair

June 24, 2015 - Photographer Craig Washburn photographed the chiefs of Criquet shirts for Vanity Fair. More »

flint foh small

© Stephen Flint

Stephen Flint Shoots Portraiture for Flashes of Hope

June 23, 2015 - Stephen Flint photographed portraits of children with cancer for Flashes of Hope. More »

© George Kamper

George Kamper Goes Into the Wild for New Fashion Editorial

June 23, 2015 -  George Kamper taps into nature with his "Into the Wild" fashion editorial for Venice magazine. More »

becker lobby

© Jeff Becker

Jeff Becker Is Finalist for Corporate Commission

June 22, 2015 - Fine art photographer Jeff Becker is a finalist for a commissioned project for high-rise lobby in Maryland. More »

dawson skirts small

© Cory Dawson

Cory Dawson Shoots Fun Fashion for Party Skirts

June 22, 2015 - Cory Dawson was photographer and creative director for his Party Skirts fashion assignment for Skot Apparel, Inc. of Vancouver. More »

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