bowir creatives

© Matthew Bowie

Matthew Bowie Captures Inspiration for Chicago Creatives

May 27, 2015 -  Matthew Bowie created a highly produced personal project that profiles Chicago creatives and  where they find inspiration. More »

witter nymoves

© Scott Witter

Scott Witter Photographs Texas Rising Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan

May 27, 2015 - Scott Witter photographed actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan for New York Moves Magazine. More »

allen lifestyle

© Allen Birnbach

Allen Birnbach Showcases New Lifestyle

May 27, 2015 -  Allen Birnbach presents new lifestyle wor on PhotoServe. More »

brunet brower

© Jerome Brunet

Jerome Brunet Featured at David Brower Center

May 26, 2015 -  Jerome Brunet will show work at the David Brower Center  in the juried group show "Security Question." More »

big shots

© Big Shots

Big Shots SPD Event at SVA

May 26, 2015 - Big Shots an SPD Speaker  Event at SVA  in New York City presents a  seminar on some of the top photo directors and how they manage the biggest name brands in the business with photographers. More »

moriis part3

© David Morris

David Morris Presents Part Three on Launch of New Product

May 26, 2015 -  David Morris presents his third and final installment on his launch of a new food brand and the production, logistics,crew and talent  it takes to coordinate and produce. More »

guido creaoles

© Guido Fua

Guido Fua Presents the Creole Faces of Italy

May 26, 2015 - Rome-based portrait photographer Guido Fua has been working on a project that showcases the Creole multiracial faces of Italy confronting the immigration and integration of mixed races. More »

paulette food

© Paulette Phlipot

Paulette Phlipot Presents Unprocessed with Food as Fine Art

May 26, 2015 - Paulette Phlipot shows fresh fruit and vegetables as fine art in her show" Unprocessed: A Closer look at Real Food." More »

little missgalia marciano

© Kymberly Marciano

Kymberly Marciano Presents Modern Day Blues

May 20, 2015 - Kymberly Marciano shoots Modern Day Blues fashion and accessories. More »


© Guido Fua

Photographer Guido Fua Comes to PhotoServe

May 19, 2015 -  Guido Fua comes to PhotoServe with new fine art nude photography. More »

keith corporate

© Keith Barraclough

Keith Barraclough Shoots New Corporate Portraiture

May 19, 2015 -  Keith Barraclough showcases new corporate portraiture. More »


© Ian Spanier

Ian Spanier gets Spotlight from Lowepro Video

May 19, 2015 -  Ian Spanier  gets the spotlight in a  Lowepro video as one of their Loweprofessional ambassadors for their brands. More »

Michael Weschler Explores Creative Energy

May 19, 2015 - Michael Weschler posts his latest blog on taking time to pause to move forward with "Still Taking Off" on More »

clement merrell

© Fredrik Clement

Fredrik Clement Shoots Merrell Shoe Campaign

May 18, 2015 -  Fredrik Clement shot the Merrell campaign for the  all new Crestbound brand. More »

williams holy land

© Steve Williams

Steve Williams Sees the Light with Holy Land Experience Project

May 18, 2015 - Steve Williams photographs highlights of the Holy Land Biblical Experience theme park in Orlando, Florida. More »


© Mary Ellen Mark/Courtesy of University of Texas Press
Obituary: Mary Ellen Mark, Pioneering Photojournalist, 75


PDN May 2015: The Travel Photography Issue

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