Nigel Harniman Shows How to Park the New Nissan Qashqai

By Barbara Goldman

 Nissan Qashqai

 London-based car photographer extraordinaire Nigel Harniman recently shot a new ad campaign/ TV Spot for the new  Nissan Qashqai and how to park with 360 Around View Monitor. The concept was to highlight the flexibility of the Qashqai and how it parks in tight spots. Harniman, using the latest CGI techniques, modified the cityscape and parked the buildings around the car.  Most of the TV commercial was shot in the U.S. but due to time constraints, he had to finish shooting in the notorious gridlocks of London for the environmental assets at Canary Wharf.  See more about the Nissan shoot on his blog and see the TV commercial here

Harniman also shot the Bentley Continental GT launch under much secrecy and you can read why and how the shoot had to be done as "Cloak & Dagger" here.

© Nigel Harniman

And last but not least to Harniman, he shot an original C-Type Jaguar that appeared  almost in his backyard. Read and see the Jaguar C-Type and get the history of this automotive treasure here.

© Nigel Harniman

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© Josh Wool
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