Nothing Comes Between Coolife Studio and Koral Los Angeles Jeans

By Barbara Goldman

 A new line of premium, back-to-basics jeans for women from Koral Los Angeles will  hit retail stores this fall.  The Koral story begins with true denim enthusiasts, three generations of visionaries who started the premium denim revolution and turned jeans into a quintessential icon of everyday fashion. Koral Los Angeles is the result of years of creative passion for denim and its continual evolution.  The Koral name started with Peter Koral, who co-founded the 7 for All Mankind premium denim label in 2000 and built it into a business that was eventually purchased in 2007 by VF Corp. for $775 million. Although retired for the past several years, Koral decided to jump back into the premium jean business with his son David Koral and with alumni Rick Crane from their previous venture, 7 for All Mankind.

Koral Los Angeles wanted the best for their new premium jeans branding campaign and brought on well-known beauty and fashion Creative Director Marc Atlan of Marc Atlan Design. Atlan is a world-renowned, award-winning creative director and is known for his conceptualization of perfume bottles and innovative advertising, print, branding and packaging  His roster of clients includes Comme des Garçons, Helmut Lang, Tom Ford, Prada Beauty, Yves St. Laurent, Marc Jacobs, and he has current projects in the works for David Beckham Bodywear for H&M and for Christian Dior.

The concept for Koral Los Angeles was to introduce a new brand of denim to women that gets back to the essence of what makes a great pair of jeans — quality material, refined finishing and flawless fit above all else.  Sounds simple except when you have to photograph it.

Atlan knew exactly who he wanted to use and went to the still life photography duo of Carole Beaupré and Pauline Rochas of Coolife Studio in New York City to complete the final ensemble on the project.  Both FIT alumni, Beaupré and Rochas have worked exclusively with digital cameras and technology since the beginning of their collaboration in 2000. Every image they produce displays precision and purity, bringing the inner beauty out of every subject. Coolife focuses on a range of still life subjects, including cosmetics, fragrances, spirits, accessories, apparel, books, food, electronics and jewelry always with creative ideas and a fresh approach.  Their clients include such prestigious names as Polo Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Grey Goose Vodka, Elizabeth Arden, Estée Lauder, Origins, L'Oréal, Lancôme, Moët & Chandon, David Yurman, Casa Dragones Tequila, by Kilian Fragrances, The New York Times Style Magazine, More Magazine, Bloomberg Business Week, GenLux, Pepsi, Reebok, Nicole Miller and 7UP, just to name a few. The Coolife team also has a strong understanding of the arts and the luxury market— just what Atlan  wanted for the Koral Los Angeles premium jeans look.

Beaupré and Rochas also have been long-time fans of Atlan, and always had hopes of working with him when the time was right on the right project. “We love his sensibility, style, and eye and share in common taste for trends and looks. He is a true visionary and most acclaimed, prize-winning art director,” comments the duo.

Atlan flew from LA to Coolife Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a one-day shoot. Although the concept seemed simple and straight forward, Beaupré and Rochas had to show incredible detail, crispness and sharpness in jean material that could be slightly wrinkled or had a mature look as  though it had been worn for an easy and relaxed fit.  Yet all of this had to show restraint and quality that would also exude sexiness and luxury and pop out of the page.  It’s not that easy to shoot a product with such sharp detail when it is supposed to look a bit wrinkled or show some fashionable wear and tear.  Every wrinkle and every fold in the jean material had to be handled with great care. At times the duo even used tweezers on the material to achieve the required perfection.  Their biggest challenges with this kind of hyper detail ended up mostly in the lighting and styling of the fabrics, which the Coolife team also did themselves. For a flawless look, they shot with an H4D-40 medium format camera with 50mm lens and 120 Macro.

Both the shoot and post production turned out to be a great success, as everyone was on the same page with concept, style and production. The Koral Los Angeles denim line will appear in Lookbooks worldwide, on the Web, used for various in-house promotions, and there is a strong possibility of a print campaign.   The Koral Los Angeles clients were so ecstatic with the results that Coolife Studio is currently working on another project for them.

Coolife Studio brings all facets of a production together on every level with creative-image development, model making, high-end digital retouching and print post production. The work for Koral Los Angeles embodies the very essence of Coolife — quality, refined finishing and flawless presentation.  To photograph an object as something unique, breathing life into it along the way, is their ultimate singular vision. You can see more of that vision and how the Coolife Studio duo intersect their still life imagery and objects in motion with the arts of design to bring out an inner beauty for every subject they photograph at the Coolife Studio site,

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