PDN Photo Group and WPPI Join Forces for Professional Photographers

By Barbara Goldman

The past year for the PDN family has been a big one.  PDN along with  PhotoServe.com, PhotoPlus Expo and all other PDN brands merged with WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) and Rangefinder Magazine. All brands have come under the umbrella of the Nielsen Photo Group and have brought more services, benefits, discounts and face-to face events to photographers worldwide with our membership packages. Membership is bringing the best of all brands to photographers worldwide.

As PhotoServe.com has always accommodated advertising and editorial photographers, we branch out to include the WPPI family  and their photographer members on our site to display more wedding, portrait and education photography. The membership idea is working and we thought we would let some of the photographers speak on it themselves. Both PhotoServe and WPPI members talk about membership in a prestigious international organization and what it means to them: 

Wedding photographers Kevin & Betty Kay Becker – “Foremost has been the education, both with respect to the business as well as the art of photography. We have made it a point to attend the PLUS classes each year since we started our business, and while we have definitely developed our own style of shooting, we find that each year we are re-energized and excited with the new concepts and ideas that the top professionals in the industry bring to the table.”   www.allee-photo.com/#/page/66f3/kevin--betty-kay-becker/

Wedding and portrait  photographer Riz Crescini- “WPPI means a lot in my growth as a photographer. If this were not true, I would not commit to travel thousands of miles from Japan and spend 10 days away from my family each year. WPPI membership is meaningful in that its events, like the yearly conference, encourages and promotes an environment of creativity and innovation for its participants. The networking of ideas that takes place among creatives is worth its weight in gold!   www.rizcrescini.com

Advertising  lifestyle and interiors photographer /filmmmaker Spencer Gordon: "PDN's Photoserve is an excellent resource to generate leads for any photography business.   My listing with PDN"s Photoserve turns leads into clients... and then those clients into more clients."   www.spencergordon.com

Portrait and wedding photographer Dawn Shields – “I had my photography business for just two years when I became a WPPI member. The other professionals I met while spending a week at WPPI have now become some of my closest friends. Throughout the year we share, help each other grow, and even travel to help each other on events. I can honestly say that everything that comes with WPPI membership has given me the resources and education to have a successful career; the only thing I needed to add was passion and drive. Needless to say, it’s been a winning combination!   www.dawnshields.com

When you become part of  our Photo Group family you get member benefits that include subscriptions to PDN and Rangefinder magazines with online access, a listing on PhotoServe.com  portfolio display site with live links and affordable  options to upgrade for display packages, special vendor discounts and discounts to PDN and WPPI contests. With the merge of  the PDN  brands and WPPI, membership  has made our Simple, Open and Integrated philosophy more meaningful and valuable than ever before.  So take a moment  to explore all our membership options and become part of an elite photography community.


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