Photographer George Kamper Shoots the Sporting Life for Casa de Campo Resort

By Barbara Goldman

George Kamper’s quest for beautiful imagery allows him to work successfully in a wide range of disciplines. Kamper shoots lifestyle, travel, fashion, resorts, the American West and brings inspiration and his own experiences into focus for each project. His visual way of solving problems and extracting answers has satisfied a myriad of clients. With a deep curiosity and a willingness to explore, Kamper brings a fresh perspective and unique aesthetic to every assignment.

For the last several years Kamper has been partnering with Executive Creative Director Rob DeLuke of MMGY Global. Their latest collaboration for  "The Sporting Life" concept behind the Casa de Campo campaign was to entice affluent travelers looking for an extension of that lifestyle where they could enjoy amazing activities. Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic is one of the very few five-star resorts in the Caribbean. The look had to be about refined elegance, coupled with the passion of what visitors love to do most. You can be  an active outdoors man or woman, play golf, compete against the best polo players in the world, horseback ride European steeds or enjoy  quiet moments.

Kamper was asked to bid on the project and believes that what sets him and his estimates apart from others is his in-depth research for solving a project’s challenges prior to putting numbers on paper. With his penchant for research and good preparation, Kamper was able to  source an on-sight producer who actually lives at the Casa de Campo resort.

“When this job came up there was only one shooter that came to mind, George Kamper. We were on a budget but still needed a spectacular set of photographs to depict the new positioning statement  for Casa de Campo – "The Sporting Life,” says DeLuke. DeLuke looks for shooters he can collaborate with for the best possible results. He gets the work ethic and creativity he wants from Kamper, no matter how small or how large of a budget. “Some shooters only want to shoot what they want to shoot; others only shoot exactly what you tell them to shoot. I'm always looking for a partner to elevate the original concepts and make the creative better,” says DeLuke.

Kamper produced most of the Casa de Campo project which included all casting, travel arrangements for the crew and talent and all location scouting. He makes it his business to surround himself with a seasoned crew, an experienced first assistant and digital technicians and excellent makeup, wardrobe and prop stylists.

Coordination was crucial to the shoot with talent and crew coming from such varied locations as Los Angeles, New York, Portland and Florida and then arriving at two different airports.

With only three days to shoot nine locations, and this included a 20-minute lighting window on a tennis court, sunset on a golf course and horses for a wedding shot in a large backlit field, Kamper had an extremely narrow window of shooting time. He also had to find a polo field that would allow him a shot with a horse and rider in the shade, which is not as easy as it sounds. The Dominican Republic is extremely hot and humid even in the early morning hours.  With limited resources and time, he located the perfect spot where no black overhead was needed.  He found a wonderful spreading tree and got the shade and polo shot he wanted there.

“I’ve changed my approach to shooting in the last couple of years,” says Kamper.   Instead of manufacturing the light, he finds the light and harnesses it to work with his look. Having started out in the film business, he always used to show up with a trailer full of gear, every light you could think of, grip, genny, etc. But now, once he solves the look he wants, he achieves it with reflectors and carries a couple of portable strobes for those times when the sun is not cooperating. The whole Casa de Campo "Sporting Life" shoot was executed this way. The only time he used a light was his shot of the woman lying on the horse with the clouds — one light, under a tree.

For Kamper, it's not about how much he's going to make on a job, but what kind of great pictures he gets to create.  “He is one of the most pro guys I have ever worked with and the talent and ability comes without an ego or an attitude. There are a lot of great shooters out there, but I choose to work with the ones I truly like as a person. George has helped me win awards with giant budgets and he also won me awards with some of my smallest budgets,” adds DeLuke.

The Casa de Campo "Sporting Life" ads will appear internationally in various travel-related publications, as well as in consumer publications on the web and for Out of Home usages.

You can see more of George Kamper and the imagery that delights his clients at his site,

Client: Casa de Campo, Peter Bonell.
Agency : MMGY Global
Rob DeLuke: Creative Director
Art Hardie: Sr. Copywriter
Mark Robertson: Sr. Art Director
John Afflebach: Account Supervisor


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