Photographer Melissa Phillips Documents Post-Earthquake Haiti

By Barbara Goldman

 The markets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2011).

Brooklyn, New York-based documentary, portrait and travel photographer Melissa Phillips comes to PhotoServe with a number of images of post-earthquake Haiti. Phillips has been photographing in Haiti since 2011, documenting subcultures, micro-economies and everyday life during a critical time in the country's cultural evolution. The work she is presenting here includes an artist community of Grand Rue (an impoverished, creative neighborhood in Port-au-Prince), motorbike taxis and markets of Port-au-Prince, as well as the Jacmel carnival from February earlier this year. Phillips will be moving to Port-au-Prince in October 2014 for 3-6 months to expand her project. She will travel across the country, immersing herself with a different community every one to two weeks. She feels Haiti has been misrepresented and misunderstood and hopes that her documentation will play a part in helping to preserve and alert the rest of the world to the country's beauty and multifaceted culture. The month of May is Haitian Heritage Month in the U.S., so the perfect time to share this work from Phillips and learn more. See more of her work at her site, Follow her @holdstillsmile.
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