Roger K Snider Shoots Chrome and Elegance Calendar

By Barbara Goldman

Advertising photographer Roger K Snider is shooting the 2nd edition of his Chrome and Elegance calendar next week  in Yakima, Wash. during a historical big rig show. The theme and cover image will be based on a the Capitol Theatre, a historical theater in town. Snider  is hiring a pro lighting team and bringing two actresses for the shoot. He has have been ramping up the production for the last two months, including a scouting trip he took a few weeks ago with his business partner. 

In addition, he tracked down the original Art Director who started the Big Rig  "Class"concept back in the late 1960s at a small agency in San Francisco when the Peterbilt trucks were made across the bay.  The AD's  name is Pierre, he is 85 years old and lives in a small house in Mill Valley.  Snider willo meet with him.

"He promised me "there are a 1000 stories behind each image,"  says Snider. He is also hiring a friend to run video and his wife will be taking photos, while he asks a few questions about his process. "His agency held this account with this concept of "Class" for over 30 years and it still resonates with the independent trucker today," adds Snider. Here are some of the sample calendars and campaigns from Peterbilt.  

Pierre, original AD for the  Big Rig "Class" concept.

Pierre has no computer and barely a phone and has no idea that  Snider is bringing his idea back for the 21st century. Snider will  bring a few of his own pieces, along with the calendar he to show Pierre. Peterbilt Class has come full circle.


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