Rue La La Retail Offers Inspiration

By Barbara Goldman

Rue La La  is an invitation-only retail destination for a life of style. It is a powerful online sales and marketing opportunity that creates an engaging and interactive shopping experience for its members by partnering with innovative brands.   The site requires membership and once invited to join, members can delight in discovering private sale Boutiques that open daily – and stay open only for a short time. Rue La La is a community where the members shape the experience and enhance the excitement by inviting friends.  Members get to discover some of the most sought-after brands in fashion, accessories, footwear, home, travel, wine, gourmet food and local services.

Recently Rue La La needed to come up with a logo that would match their creativity with the brands they market, and they succeeded beyond their expectations with photographer Joshua Dalsimer.  Dalsimer  originally started out as a drummer for the band the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, but after a few years living as a punk rocker he felt he needed to explore other outlets.  Photography called to him as that creative outlet.  He always looked at drum playing and photography as similar disciplines.  Both music and photography require collaboration, hard work behind the scenes and both are about the communication of ideas to other creative people. 

Dalsimer got to use all of his collaborative and creative skills when he was tapped for the Rue La La project from the ground up. He knew a few people at the company who were familiar with his work, and they asked him to come in and help concept ideas for the site’s login page.  “I was excited for the opportunity to get involved in the incubation stage of the ideas and not just come in at the end to take the picture,” says Dalsimer.  He and his crew worked with the client directly with in-house SVP Creative Director Jennifer E. Putnam and Creative Director Amy Van Aarle. The client’s executive team was always directly involved in the ideas, but they pushed Dalsimer to go as far as possible.

The concept, sounding deceptively simple at the start, was to create the Rue La La logo in unexpected places.  Dalsimer spent a lot of time reviewing the best approach for each logo design with a lot of thought into the details.  “Whether we build a model, create something in CGI or finding the best location. While we employ a lot of tricks it is still important to find the essential elements: great light, talent, location and props.  There is only so much you can fake and the less you fake the better,” says Dalsimer.  One of the trickiest aspects of the job was what liberties he should take with the Rue La La logo to make the shot as convincing as possible.  For the ice skating image, he made the logo out of the lines ice skates carve in the ice. Getting the elements for the shot was not too hard but coming up with a treatment for the logo that feels and looks like it might be made in the ice and still appear as their logo was a challenge.  Not every idea lent itself perfectly to the logo and Dalsimer had to reconstruct it almost every time.  He used a Canon 5D with a 35mm L series lens and a Mac laptop.  Occasionally, he also used a Hasselblad with a Phase back. He is a fan of the Profoto Pro-7b and likes not having a noisy generator on the set.

skating ruelala

The images are now being used almost exclusively on the  login page, and they are also blogging about the making of the images.  Dalsimer has received a lot of Tweets and Facebook comments about the work, which has propagated them in an organic way.  And as much fun as Dalsimer had in creating the images,  customers and the client alike have had the great enjoyment of discovering them in unlikely places on the site.  “Josh has been a real visionary whose creativity and inspiration have played a critical role in the Rue La La login page strategy. He offers us the completepackage, taking his stellar ideas all the way from conception to generation as a true creative partner,” says Rue La La  Exec.VP/ Chief Member Advocate Cheryl Kaplan.

In addition to Rue La La, Dalsimer’s clients include: New Balance, Diet Coke, Dell,  Mother, Arnold,  Dentsu, ESPN, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Outside, Hill Holliday, Mullen, Element 79, Volkswagen, Volvo, Canon and many more.   You can see more of Joshua Dalsimer’s collaborative and very creative conceptual work on his site at  


ruelala sand

rue lalla tattoo

rue lala grass




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