SalaamGarage Produces Seattle Aging Out of Foster Care

By Barbara Goldman

 Brendan Zincavage is changing the patterns in the The Long Road Home: Aging Out of Foster Care.

Internationally acclaimed  photographer Amanda Koster and founder of the social documentary multimedia group SalaamGarage in Seattle is publishing new stories about Seattleites who age out of foster care throughout the year. The Seattle and New York City chapters of SalaamGarage (SG) are collaborating to tell the story of more than 20,000 young Americans who age out of foster care each year. SG is seeking publication of The Long Road Home: Aging Out of Foster Care, a narrative compilation by professional photographers, writers, journalists and videographers. Children under the care of the foster care system who are not adopted, “age-out” from the system and are therefore required to leave. The Long Road Home aims to give a voice to those who are seldom heard in this respect and to speak candidly about learning to live outside that care. 

Brendan Zincavage is starting on a new path./  © Henk Dawson

SalaamGarage is a media group  who partners  with nonprofit organizations from around the world to create storytelling for positive social transformation. SG Local is a group of professionals dedicated to generating this change in their respective communities. 

For Seattle and NYC stories and more information about SG visit,  contact producers Amanda Koster or Stephanie Hansen.   See the press the New York City chapter’s work on aging out of foster care at The New York Book Review,  ABC News and an earlier report on

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