See What You Don't Know

By Barbara Goldman

Photographer Jared Leeds believes that good photography of real people and real objects is always effective and always gets attention. So much work today is generic, just “good enough as a place holder” and missing a lack of emphasis.  Leeds believes that the investment in strong, original photography is well worth it and adds business value.  One can tell a story of a person, culture, place, service or product with original photography that could never be accomplished with generic stock imagery.


With that in mind, Emerson Hospital in Concord, MA and ad agency Small Army in Boston, MA found  just the style they needed in  Leeds’ imagery for their latest campaign  Small Army was looking through various photographers’ Web sites when they came across the strong, fresh, original portraiture of Leeds and felt his work had the very style they needed for the client.  Leeds worked with Small Army team of Creative Director Steve Kolander, VP Account Management Melissa Dowler, Design Director Sam Pitino and Assistant Account Executive Michael Cerundolo on the Emerson Hospital account.


The concept was to show real doctors in their working environments with the intention of driving traffic to the Emerson Hospital Web site. Each print ad focused on a specialized type of care and had a Web element within the imagery to show a search field, a drop- down menu or a video screen as on a Web site with accompanying text. Because each ad showed a different kind of care, the tag for the campaign became “See what else you don’t know about us at the new”


Since Leeds was photographing real doctors in their work environments, he had very limited time with them. “We had to be flexible because we were working within their schedules. Also, at one point, we were working in a section of the hospital where cancer patients were getting treatment, so we had to be sensitive to their needs,” adds Leeds. The actual l locations where shooting had to be done also presented another challenge. One ad to be captured was  that of a pediatrician doing a check up with a young child. The room for shooting was intended for children and was very small with very  busy murals on the walls. They had to photograph the rooms with  murals included and then dealt with them in post production, where they were removed in favor of a cleaner background. One shot Leeds got was in an operating room, so every piece of equipment he was bringing in had to be scrubbed down. It worked out for him though,  as he had clean equipment at the end of the day.

Says Design Director Pitino of the work, “It's important for a good photographer to hang in there and get the shot. It's not always an easy thing to do under extreme circumstances, like those present in an acute patient-care facility.  Jared understood those conditions going into each shoot and made them work to his advantage; he also understood the overall vision of what we were trying to achieve with the photography.”

The end result drove home the client's overall message of personalized care and authenticity. The final Emerson Hospital images have been used in regional print ads in newspapers and on buses in the suburbs north and west of Boston. 


“Attention must be paid” and so it has been to Leeds and his client — the most desirable result for their investment in the real stuff.  You can see more of Jared Leeds and his real people at


Client: Emerson Hospital, Concord, MA

Ad Agency: Small Army

Creative Director Steve Kolander

VP Account Management Melissa Dowler

 Design Director Sam Pitino 

 Assistant Account Exec. Michael Cerundolo

Photographer: Jared  Leeds




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