Stephane Lacasa Shoots Icebergs in Iceland

By Barbara Goldman

Iceberg  on the southern coastline of Iceland.

Award-winning Honolulu-based action, adventure, underwater and surfing photographer Stephane Lacasa traveled to Iceland to pursue some specific photography ideas he had in mind that included photos of  icebergs.  He wanted to shoot from the water using  his camera water housing design. This shot was taken off the southern coast of Iceland on a very cloudy day, when a few rays of light peaked through the clouds for a few moments. Lacasa had no time to put on his wetsuit and jumped right into the 35 degree water. He was  able to stay in the water only for 30 seconds before the cold became intolerable, but by repeatedly jumping in and out of the water several times he managed to capture some great shots.  He often uses shots like this for companies for various design projects. See more of his work and learn about his camera water housing design and consultation at his site. See more work on Instagram here.
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