The Citizen Project

Jacqui Palumbo

The Citizen Project started out in 2009 as a fine art project in David Katzenstein and Sherrie Nickol’s studio on East 4th street. They approached people they found about town and invited to their studio to be photographed on a white background. Once they had photographed about 50 people they realized that the project had huge potential, not only as a means of documenting the vast diversity of the people of New York City, but also as a commercial venture to offer the images for licensing as stock photography. That is when Citizen Stock began. Since inception they have photographed over 2000 people from more than 50 countries, all in their studio. And every individual has a story.

Citizen Stock’s tagline is ‘Fake People Suck’. The response to the collection of images that they are building has been very positive in the industry. There is an overabundance of imagery in the world today, so it is a challenge to create work that stands out in some way. Foremost, they treat each individual with respect and dignity and their goal is to make real people look beautiful while keeping their character intact.

They find their ongoing experience with the people who come to the studio fascinating. They are constantly amazed and inspired by the different ways people represent who they are.

To get involved with The Citizen Project, visit their Web site.


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