Webb Chappell Photography Makes Harvard Pilgrim Heath Care Proof Positive

By Barbara Goldman

 Boston-based people and location photographer Webb Chappell has been doing the work he loves for the past 20 years, making pictures for advertising and editorial corporate and non profit clients, counting the Boston Globe Magazine, MIT, The Guardian, Raytheon, The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Harvard Business School, Major League Baseball, Boston University among his clients.

On a recent assignment for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Chappell enjoyed watching kids try to juggle apples, balance pineapples on their heads and sport banana mustaches, with the goal of showing the positive energy in Harvard Pilgrim’s approach to health care. Beth Greely, Creative Director of Yellow, Inc. in Holliston, Massachusetts did the art direction, looking for Chappell to complement her colorful, bold, graphic design with images of "real people" against white  seamless, highlighting their individual stories through the copy.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is a full-service health benefits company serving members throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine and beyond. Their mission is to improve the quality and value of health care for the people and communities they serve. Harvard Pilgrim has been ranked the number one private health plan in America according to an annual ranking of the nation’s best health plans by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). It is the only private health plan in the nation to be named number one for member satisfaction and quality of care for the eight consecutive years.
These strengths and the passion and pragmatism of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care all became part of the concept for the 2011 annual report. Greely and Chappell wanted to show the success stories of real people, adults and kids, on both the provider and member sides.  
The imagery and design portrayed many of the key components of the report  that speak to the rapid change in health care today and how Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is a vital force for positive choices and better patient and doctor experiences. Some of the highlights of the report Chappell had to capture, included the Focus Network-MA, for which he shot real company executives in human resources and benefits departments who have to make the tough cost-savings decisions that affect employees and their health choices. He also depicted Harvard Pilgrim’s personal health-and-lifestyle coaching program that provides exercise, good nutrition and emotional well being to people trying to cut down on medical bills.  For the healthy kids “Let’s Go! School Nutrition Initiative,” a Harvard Pilgrim program that supports school food directors participation in the USDA's Healthier US School Challenge,   he captured kids juggling, balancing and wearing fruits and vegetables. In Maine alone, fifty-seven schools out of 75 have already been approved for healthier school environments.
To illustrate all these stories, Chappell worked with non-professional talent shot against a white background, so Greely could and use them in a bold, graphic way with her design. Creating a shoot environment that allows the subject's personalities and energy to emerge is Chappell's goal...  "Working with Webb is a wonderful. He watches the details all while keeping the set and the situation light and personable. This really helps us get the spontaneous moment shots. Nice eye. Great humor. Easy," says Greely of Chappell’s style.

Everything was shot on location in various conference rooms, school gyms and Greely's barn. Aretha Franklin and Bob Marley set the tone, and Chappell shot with a Nikon D700, using lighting from a large Plume Bank on a Dynalite to give a soft, directional look, a bed sheet providing the fill.

Thirteen images in all are included in print for the annual report and online for the Web site.  Chappell certainly created a “proof positive” body of work for the Harvard Pilgrim Annual report and they loved it. You can see more of Webb Chappell’s editorial and corporate work and read his blog at www.webbchappell.com.



Focus Network-MA

kids nutrtition

Let's Go School Nutrition Intiative


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