Objects of Desire: Enfojer Smartphone Darkroom

September 30, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

It’s a rare breed indeed that looks at their smartphone images and wishes they could be developed in a darkroom. But if you’ve had the darkroom itch, we’re happy to report that you can now scratch it with the Enfojer. This unique product has wound its way through the crowdfunding process, undergoing multiple redesigns over a two-year period before reaching its final, shipping form. The Enfojer consists of an enlarger with a compartment on the top to fit most smartphones. You load the Fojo app (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile) onto your smartphone and pull up the image you want to develop. You’ll have a selection of basic editing tools if you want to do a little digital handiwork before the chemicals work their magic. You pull up an image and place your phone into the enlarger and place a piece of photo sensitive paper on an easel beneath the enlarger. The app turns your smartphone display on and off via finger snaps. When your phone is on, it will expose the image in the app onto the photo sensitive paper below. The paper then moves through developer, stop and fixer baths on its journey to becoming a tangible photo. The enlarger lens is a 70mm f/3.5-16 and is interchangeable, so you can mount any industry-standard M39 lens. The standard size print is just shy of 8 x 8-inches, but you can make larger prints too with a bit of jury rigging. You can also use your smartphone as a white screen light bulb to expose traditional developed film. The company sells a red LED safe light that has a magnetic base so you can snap it into position in your darkroom setting of choice. The kit includes the enlarger, trays, tongs, the safelight and 25 sheets of photo paper with developer and fixer to process them.

PRICE: $485
INFO: www.fojo.me

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