Disquiet: Amani Willett Contemplates Being a New Father During Uncertain Times

September 26, 2013

By Dzana Tsomondo

© Amani Willett/Courtesy of Damiani

"I found myself having an internal dialogue where my personal experience of family were converging with my thoughts about he world I was bring my son into," Amani Willett says about the genesis of his first book, Disquiet. Click on the Photo Gallery link below to see more images.

Reading Disquiet, Brooklyn, New York-based photographer Amani Willett’s first book, which was published earlier this year by Damiani, is a bit like unpacking a particularly well-crafted set of Chinese boxes. Each pass reveals another layer, clarifying intellectually what may have already resonated emotionally. Or vice versa. Disquiet documents the first two years of Willett’s son’s life, using the social and...

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