Fine Art Photography

Christina Seely’s “Terra Systema” Contemplates Earth’s Ecological Systems

November 1, 2017

By Conor Risch

© Christina Seely/Courtesy of the Artist

“Respiro 8” and “Flumen 2,” 2017, a diptych from Christina Seely’s series “Terra Systema,” which pairs views from a Panama rainforest and Arctic Greenland to suggest the connections between the Earth’s ecological systems.

Christina Seely’s interest in the interdependence of the world’s ecological systems led to her latest project, “Terra Systema” which she created at scientific research facilities in Panama and Greenland. “Terra Systema” is a series of photographic works and a two-channel video installation. Both capture the movement of wind through rainforests and the flow of water off the arctic ice sheet...

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