Fine Art Photography

Displaying and Selling Art in Unconventional Ways

August 29, 2017

Artwork © Meghann Riepenhoff; Photo © Sze Tsung Nicolás Leong/Courtesy of Yossi Milo Gallery

Meghann Riepenhoff’s “Littoral Drift Nearshore #464 (Bainbridge Island, WA 12.07.16, Seven Simulated Waves, Freezing and Melting),” 2016, unframed in a recent show at Yossi Milo. Riepenhoff sometimes hangs pieces from the ceiling to reveal both sides of the paper.

With screens becoming increasingly ubiquitous—they can be found on phones, computers, walls, on top of taxis, etc.—it’s not surprising that they’re also being used by fine-art photographers. We’ve interviewed several photographers who work outside the conventionally sized framed print and are choosing to incorporate installation, video, web-based technology and unusual print formats in their practice. PDN has also spoken to...

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