Fine Art Photography

Tanya Marcuse Creates and Photographs Tapestries of Flora and Fauna for “Woven”

October 24, 2017

By Dzana Tsomondo

© Tanya Marcuse.

“Woven Nº 9,” 2015. Tanya Marcuse says she wanted to make pieces that were “bigger and flatter,” and offered a “sense of immersion” to viewers.

The large-scale images of flora and fauna in Tanya Marcuse’s new project, “Woven,” are reminiscent of medieval tapestries. The “natural” world that Marcuse depicts is in fact painstakingly crafted. The result is neither nature photography, nor a work of pure abstraction, but some commingling of the two. Viewed in its entirety, each 5×10-foot image is dense with colors and textures,...

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