Fine Art Photography

Travel and Darkroom Processes Inform Deanna Pizzitelli’s Project on the Complexity of Human Emotion

January 27, 2018

By Conor Risch

© Deanna Pizzitelli/Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery

“Deanna Tub II,” 2015, from Deanna Pizzitelli’s series “Koža,” which she made while living in Slovakia and traveling to Iceland. Rather than telling a linear story, Pizzitelli hopes her photographs “come together to make an emotional statement,” she says.

There are parts of our experience as human beings that we struggle to describe—things we know we feel, but that are beyond definition. Deanna Pizzitelli uses photography to visualize the “feelings in the pit of your stomach that are always kind of there but you can’t quite reach them.” She wants to “find a way to articulate those inexplicable qualities”...

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