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Year in Review: How the Photo Industry Reacted to a Challenging Year

June 6, 2018

By PDN Staff

© Rory Doyle

A photograph by Rory Doyle of a cowboy in Cleveland, Mississippi. Doyle, who is based in Cleveland, has contributed to the “Everyday Rural America” Instagram feed, which aims to tell stories from rural areas and amplify the work of local photographers.

Since our last PDN Photo Annual, the frenzied political news cycle has made the days feel like weeks, the weeks like months, and so on. Photographers haven’t been immune to the feverish influence of American politics. For the 2018 PDN Photo Annual, we look at how they have responded to the Trump administration through their work, and speak with editors at journalism non-profits about how non-Trump storytelling is being crowded out of the media market. We investigate how the market for motion content has changed following publishers’ ill-fated “pivot to video,” and look at how improvements in processors will change cameras in the near future. Click on the links below to read the full stories.

The Trump Effect:The Stories That Aren’t Being Published

Three photo editors discuss the stories that are hard to sell when media organizations are so focused on the current presidential administration. 
By Holly Stuart Hughes

Video Storytelling Thrives Despite Media Panic

The market for video storytellers remains strong, despite the media industry’s pivot-to-video disaster.
By David Walker

The Camera of the Future

Camera processor makers on how computation will improve noise reduction, video compression and image stitching, and lead to smarter cameras powered by machine learning.
By Greg Scoblete

How Photographers Have Responded to Trump’s Administration

Four photographers explain how and why they created projects that address intolerance, racism, misogyny and anxiety.
By Conor Risch

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