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Alejandro Chaskielberg: All That Remains in Otsuchi, Japan

April 26, 2016

By Conor Risch


”Three Generations,” 2013. Alejandro Chaskielberg photographed Tomoko Hida, Sana Hida and Yoshimi Hida in the remains of their home in the village of Otsuchi, which was destroyed by the 2011 Japanese tsunami. Over two years, Chaskielberg photographed the town’s residents and its bleak landscape, and documented hundreds of family photographs damaged by the disaster. 

In his new book Otsuchi: Future Memories, Alejandro Chaskielberg delves into a Japanese community’s struggle to rebuild both physically and psychologically following the 2011 tsunami. His night photographs, showing locals posed in the landscapes where their homes and businesses once stood, are mixed with found family photographs, creating a work that reaches across time and which references photography’s significance in...

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