Photo Books

Book Publisher Michelle Dunn Marsh On What Does and Doesn’t Sell Photo Books

September 23, 2016

By Interview Conor Risch

© Lincoln Potter/Courtesy Minor Matters

Minor Matters and their authors have to pre-sell 500 copies of a book in order to put a project into print. It's important that the artists are persistent in promoting their books, even if they don't get the immediate response they are looking for, Dunn Marsh says. "We have learned that that attitude and conviction make a difference."

Three years ago, book publishing veteran Michelle Dunn Marsh and her partner Steve McIntyre launched Minor Matters Books, a photo book publishing company with a unique business model: Each of their projects has to pre-sell 500 copies within six months in order to go to press. If Minor Matters and the artist can’t generate those 500 pre-sales, the book isn’t...

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