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How to Pitch Your Photo Book to Trade Publishers: Christian Chaize’s Praia Piquinia

October 12, 2015

By Conor Risch

© Christian Chaize

Christian Chaize’s book of images of a single beach, which were made over time from roughly the same perspective, appealed to both art and travel audiences. “The single biggest determiner of success in the trade is whether or not a photobook has a strong secondary audience, beyond a fine-art photography audience,” explains Bridget Watson Payne, Chaize’s editor at Chronicle Books.

A hundred photographs of the same secluded beach in Portugal, made from roughly the same perspective over the course of eight years: It may not sound like a photo book that would interest a major illustrated book publisher like Chronicle Books, or that would find success with a general audience, but that is exactly what French photographer Christian Chaize’s book,...

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