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Marion Belanger Traces Tectonic Edges For Her New Book, Rift|Fault

December 29, 2016

By Conor Risch

© Marion Belanger

“Rift 26,” 2007. A volcanic excavation site on Heimaey, an island off the coast of Iceland, from Marion Belanger’s new book Rift|Fault, which looks at communities living along the San Andreas fault and Mid-Atlantic rift.

Marion Belanger was in Southern California, making photographs for her new book, Rift|Fault (Radius), when she felt a wave of panic wash over her. “Oh my god,” she thought. “People live on the San Andreas Fault.” She felt the impulse to leave. “If you allow yourself to really think about it, it’s terrifying,” she explains. The photograph she made that...

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