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Miriam Romais Documents a Woman’s Transition from Corporate Life to Self-Sufficient Farmer

August 25, 2016

By Dzana Tsomondo


“Jenna and Italics (wanting more),” 2014. In her project “Hersteading,” Miriam Romais depicts the life of Jenna Woginrich, who left a graphic design career to become a farmer, writer, falconer, archer and all around Renaissance woman.

“Hersteading,” a series by Miriam Romais, documents the life and work of Jenna Woginrich, a rural Renaissance woman for our modern age. A former graphic designer, Woginrich gave up urban life to become a homesteader on a six-acre plot in upstate New York. A self-taught farmer, she fought to make Cold Antler Farm self-sufficient, and along the way became an...

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