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Career Advice: Photographer Kitra Cahana On Elevating Your Work

May 6, 2015


From Kitra Cahana’s long-term project about teens, 18-year-old Anastassia Marie Kipp pretends to aim a gun at her mother, Deborah Kipp. Although the teenager looks up to her mother, Cahana says that “cracking jokes is part of the daily repartee between [them]. Sometimes those jokes have a dark edge to them.”

Photographer Kitra Cahana, 27, has shot assignments for The New York Times, Stern, COLORS, and National Geographic magazine. In this interview, excerpted from Lessons in Great Photography, she explains her intensive approach to storytelling. The book features interviews with ten photographers who have contributed stories to National Geographic. What advice would you give to younger photographers?  KC: My advice to...

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