Photographer Interviews

End Frame: David Mayhew on Bernhard Edmaier

July 27, 2016

By David Walker


“Maelifellsander, Iceland,” from Bernhard Edmaier’s 2004 book Earthsong. David Mayhew was attracted to Edmaier’s work because, he says, “It’s not a documentation of the earth.  It’s getting the right light [and] getting the right colors throughout the scene.”

David Mayhew, storm-chasing photographer (“What’s Your Niche?”), is less interested in the close-up drama of severe weather than he is in photographing the structure, composition and colors of a storm system from a distance. Among the photographers who inspire and influence him is German photographer Bernhard Edmaier. A former geologist, Edmaier has traveled the world shooting aerial photographs of the...

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