Photographer Interviews

Joel Meyerowitz on What He’s Learned: Part I

January 25, 2013

By David Walker

© Joel Meyerowitz

A scene capturing the energy of a New York City street. Joel Meyerowitz explains in his book: "I was trying to unlock photography from the esthetic of 'the decisive moment'--a difficult thing to give up." To see more images, click on the Photo Gallery link below.

Photographer Joel Meyerowitz recently released a 50-year retrospective monograph of his work called Taking My Time. The two-volume set, published by Phaidon, showcases his wide-ranging oeuvre. Starting with his formative 35mm street photography dating back to 1962, the book includes various projects that he shot over the past few decades, mostly with a large-format view camera, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts,...

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