Photographer Interviews

Long Stories Told: Daniel Castro Garcia on Learning from Tim Hetherington

January 30, 2018

By Holly Stuart Hughes

© Tim Hetherington/Magnum Photos

Tim Hetherington's 2003 photo of rebel fighter with a hand grenade in Tubmanburg, Liberia. Hetherington’s photographs “changed my whole attitude towards photography,” says Daniel Castro Garcia, who was inspired by the creative and personal approaches Hetherington took to storytelling and his deep commitment to his subjects.

Daniel Castro Garcia, winner of the 2017 W. Eugene Smith Grant, began his series of portraits of migrants in Europe in order to share the individual stories of people who have often been represented in the media solely through the “generalized, almost pitiful visual of these overcrowded boats.” His ongoing project, “Foreigner: I Peri N’Tera,” looks at the lives of migrants, primarily...

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