Photographer Interviews

Mikey Schaefer on Galen Rowell’s Majestic Landscapes

January 31, 2017

By Holly Stuart Hughes

© Galen Rowell/Mountain Light

Galen Rowell’s “On the Great Trango Tower, Karakoram Himalaya,” shot in Pakistan in 1977. Mikey Schaefer credits Rowell with pioneering a journalistic approach to photographing mountain climbing. Rowell said he wanted to create “participatory photography” that brought the viewer into the landscape.

Like many mountaineering photographers, Mikey Schaefer credits the late photographer Galen Rowell with inspiring him to create mountain climbing images from a “journalistic perspective.” Schaefer believes he first saw Rowell’s work in National Geographic magazine, and was struck by how he brought the viewer into the midst of the dramatic landscapes. “He was the grandfather of that style,” Schaefer says. Rowell...

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