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Scenes of the Crimes: Brian Cassella on Justin Cook’s Intimate Look at Crime and Criminal Justice

March 28, 2016

By David Walker


Justin Cook’s “Made in Durham” project began with drug raid ride-alongs with the Durham Police Department’s Gang Enforcement Units while he was in college. He was supposed to be studying for a math test when he found himself in the situation shown here, and says it taught him the value of showing up and immersing himself in the lives of his subjects.

Chicago Tribune photographer Brian Cassella’s “Next Day” series, the subject of this month’s “Picture Story”, shows how Chicagoans living near the scenes of fatal shootings go about their everyday lives. He says he’s inspired by the work of several other photographers who explore the aftermath of urban violence, including Carlos Javier Ortiz, Joshua Lott and Justin Cook.  About Cook’s “Made in...

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