Stand-Out Photo Promos: Pamela Littky’s "Happy Hour" Set

January 2, 2013

By Holly Stuart Hughes

© PDN/Photos by Pamela Littky

To make a boxed set of her celebrity portraits, photographer Pamela Littky collaborated with a designer to create postcards printed with a cocktail recipe on the back of each image that matches the celebrity photographed. The box includes a set of coasters.

Promo: Boxed set of 13, 5 x 7-inch cards, with four cocktail coasters Number: 350 Each of the postcards in Pamela Littky’s box of promo cards shows one of her celebrity portraits and, at the bottom, her website address. But on the back, there’s a surprise: a recipe for a cocktail. Chosen to match the celebrity’s personality, each cocktail is...

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