The People in Front of the Lens: A Gregory Crewdson Subject

September 23, 2013

By As told to Holly Stuart Hughes

© Gregory Crewdson/Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery

"Untitled (Oak Street)," 2006, by Gregory Crewdson. Juliane Hiam says the first time she saw the full-size print of the image was in Crewdson's "Beneath the Roses" exhibition. She has a print of the work in her home and says, "I honestly hardly even notice I am in it."

Seven years ago, when she was pregnant with her fourth child, Juliane Hiam posed nude in a backyard for photographer Gregory Crewdson. The photo, “Untitled (Oak Street),” was included in Crewdson’s book Beneath the Roses, and has been widely exhibited. A writer, editor, playwright, and former screenwriter and director now based near Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Hiam has for several years helped...

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