Why Gerhard Steidl Is a Book Publishing Master

August 13, 2013

By David Walker

© Koto Bolofo

Gerhard Steidl (center) at work with printer Florian Beisart (left) and photographer Ivan Sigel (right) at Steidlville in Göttingen, Germany. Click on the Photo Gallery link below to see more images from the publishing house and the covers of notable books published by Steidl.

Martine Fougeron recalls an evening in 2011 when she was in the lobby of a New York City hotel, showing a friend a book mockup for “Tête-à-Tête,” her acclaimed project about her teenage sons. Several book publishers had turned it down, fearing it wouldn’t sell, and Fougeron was discouraged. Suddenly she noticed Gerhard Steidl sitting across the hotel lobby. She...

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