Will Global Safety Standards Cause Publications to Take More Responsibility for Freelance Photographers?

June 22, 2015

By Conor Risch


In this photograph by Nicole Tung, men carry Hatem Qureya, 15, who was trapped under rubble following an airstrike in the neighborhood of Bustan al Qasr in Aleppo, Syria, on Monday, August 6, 2012. The strike claimed at least eight lives, including five children from the same family. Qureya later died en route to a field hospital.

“I would say without question I was completely unprepared,” says Ron Haviv of his first forays into war reporting as a young freelancer. Haviv began his career covering civil conflict in Panama and “grew up during the war in Yugoslavia,” which he covered for a decade from 1991–2000. During his early career, Haviv says, “I made many mistakes that I was...

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