Object of Desire: The solidLUUV Camera Stabilizer

June 2, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

The solidLUUV Camera Stabilizer

While handheld gyro stabilizers are all the rage, they still have a few limitations. They require power, so you’ve got to keep fresh batteries on hand in the field. They’re typically not water-resistant, either. The solidLUUV overcomes those liabilities. It’s purely mechanical, using weights and gravity to keep your camera steady. The handle isolates the bulbous stabilizer body from your vibrations, keeping the camera still even as you dart about. It’s weatherproof, too, so it can take the occasional rain shower without electrocuting anyone. The solidLUUV has a three-axis camera gimbal and can be flipped 180 degrees so you can get the camera extremely close to the ground. It has a rotational grip that lets you gently pan the gimbal using just your finger. With a carrying capacity of 1.1 pounds of camera gear, it can easily accommodate smartphones, action cameras and advanced compact models for your filmmaking. The package comes with 24 small weights and eight large ones, plus one smartphone adapter and one action camera adapter.

PRICE: $380

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