Object of Desire: Benro SystemGo GoPlatform

June 3, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

A laptop is often as integral to a photo shoot as a digital camera, but there’s not always a convenient place to put one, especially if you’re shooting outside of a studio. Benro’s SystemGo GoPlatform transforms a tripod—any tripod—into a platform for your laptop. The GoPlatform can be mounted to any tripod via a 5/8 socket, a 3/8-16 female adapter, 1/4-20 female adapter or an Arca style mount. Once it’s been mounted to your tripod, you can securely fix your laptop using the integrated tie down strap to shoot tethered or send your emails standing up, which helps you live longer (supposedly). The platform is vented to allow your laptop’s heat to dissipate. The GoPlatform can fit laptops between 13 and 15 inches in size. Extra components make the system more versatile. Attach a GoCoupler ($35-$40) and you can mount a GoRail to your tripod. The rail, which is available separately in sizes spanning 19.6- 31.5-inches, lets you mount a pair of cameras at either end. Alternatively, you can mount a camera to one end and the GoPlatform to the other with your laptop nestled on top. Or use a third GoCoupler, mount a flash and voila, you have impromptu photo booth (as pictured here). No matter which set up you wish to configure, it can all be done without using a single tool. 

PRICE: $125 (GoPlatform)


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