Object of Desire: Loupedeck+

September 14, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

Loupedeck, maker of the custom photo editing console of the same name, has released the next generation of the device, adding more software support and improving the build quality. The Loupedeck+ will now work not only with Lightroom Classic CC but with Skylum Aurora HDR. Future updates to the console will add compatibility with Skylum Luminar and Capture One as well. Beyond more software support, the mechanical keys have been refashioned to make them sturdier and more precise. There are two customizable dials and 17 buttons which, out of the box, are pre-assigned to different editing functions (highlights, shadows, etc.). There’s a custom mode, though, that gives you the ability to assign any editing function you want to the controls. You can also set the Loupedeck to keyboard mode, which reverts a section of controls (shift, alt, tab, ctrl, command, etc.) to their original keyboard function.

PRICE: $229

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