Object of Desire: Peak Design CaptureLENS

May 13, 2016

By Greg Scoblete

The idea behind the CaptureLENS is simple, if not entirely novel: Rather than stuff an unused lens away in your camera bag or in a pouch, you can clip it to the CaptureLENS and mount it to your bag strap, shoulder sling or even your belt. Who knows, maybe accessorizing outfits with a lens will become a thing. The CaptureLENS consists of a lens kit adapter and a Capture camera clip. You can attach a lens to the lens kit adapter just as you would to a bayonet mount, by rotating the lens into place. It’s released by pressing a button and twisting. The lens kit adapter on the CaptureLENS camera clip rotates freely but can also be locked into one of four directions, depending on how you want to position your unused glass. The unit is designed to hold two lenses at once, and not puny ones, either. Peak Design promises that it’s strong enough to hold lenses of any size and weight, including “heavy pro glass.” It comes with a pair of bayonet caps to keep dust and moisture away from unused mounts. Owners of Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger bag get a special bonus: a built-in attachment point for the CaptureLENS so that extra lenses can be stored on the bag’s exterior. The CaptureLENS is sold in Canon EF, Sony FE or Nikon F mount versions.

PRICE: $90


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