Object of Desire: PocketWizard MultiMAX II

October 20, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

The PocketWizard MultiMAX II.

When it comes to movies, the sequels are rarely better than the originals. When it comes to technology, it’s usually the opposite. With the MultiMAX II, PocketWizard has made a host of improvements to the flash transceiver while preserving the original’s unique features and compatibility with older PocketWizard gear. The MultiMAX II boasts 52 channels, including 32 standard channels and 20 ControlTL channels. A new power control feature lets you remotely adjust the manual power settings of your ControlTL-compatible flashes in three zones. Off-camera flashes can be arranged into four groups and there are long and short range modes to adjust transmitting power accordingly. The MultiMAX II boasts an “infinite” intervalometer that lets you shoot endless frames at any interval you choose for as long as you have power in your camera. There’s a new, blue backlit LCD with a higher contrast for improved viewing. A SpeedCycler function lets you trigger up to sixteen cameras and/or flashes in a sequence. Unlike most flash triggers which operate on the 2.4GHz frequency—along with cordless phones, microwaves, rival flash triggers and loads of other wireless devices—the MultiMAX II works along the 344 MHz frequency, which should mean less interference.

PRICE: $229