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Object of Desire: Freevision Vilta 3-Axis Gimbal

November 30, 2017

By Greg Scoblete

Freevision Vilta 3-Axis Gimbal

This 3-axis gimbal is an ideal companion to a GoPro for creating smooth handheld camera movements. Unlike many handheld gimbals, the Vilta gimbal (which has its own battery) can be disengaged from the handle and mounted to objects like helmets, handlebars and more. The handle has a second battery so when the gimbal and handle are joined you’ll enjoy a better-than-average 8 hours of battery life. The bottom of the dome has a quick-folding connection point so you can mount all of your original GoPro accessories without hassle. It can pan a full 360 degrees and has a stepless joystick with adjustable speed and sensitivity to control camera angle and movement. The Vilta has eight different shooting modes, including object lock, selfie, inverted and flashlight. Auto-calibration makes it easy to get the camera properly oriented. You can connect your mobile device to the gimbal via a free app that also lets you control GoPro camera settings. The app lets you preview footage in real-time from your GoPro, change shooting modes, share images, adjust gimbal modes and more. Very convenient.

PRICE: starting at $299

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