Tripods & Rigs

Object of Desire: Slik Lite AL-430 Tripod

November 11, 2016

While cameras have gotten vastly better at operating in the dark, the same can’t be said for tripods (or people, for that matter). Until now. The Slik Lite AL-420 series of tripods have an integrated LED flashlight that can be unscrewed from the center column to help you operate more efficiently in the dark. The tripods also feature a Rapid Flip Mechanism that lets you invert the legs 180 degrees for easier storage. They offer a gearless, detachable and invertible center column that you can separate into a shorter column to use the AL-420 models lower to the ground. The aluminum-based AL-420M (pictured) weighs in at 2 pounds and can hold 4.4 pounds worth of gear at a maximum height of 48.8 inches. It has a minimum working height of 6.5 inches and folds down to 14.1 inches when it’s time to hit the road. The AL-420 is slightly longer (17 inches) and extends to 60 inches or down to 8.9 inches. The AL-420S is the shortest of the bunch, reaching to 39.8 inches or as low as 6.2 inches. It folds down to 12.2 inches for transport and weighs a scant 1.7 pounds. It too can hold 4.4 pounds.

PRICE: $100 (AL-420S); $120 (AL-420M); $140 (AL-420)