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Object of Desire: Ikan PIVOT Handheld Gimbal

June 27, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

Ikan’s newest handheld gimbal, the PIVOT, offers complete 360-degree movement on all three axes for smooth, cinematic camera movements. The gimbal can support camera/lens combos up to 8 pounds. Thanks to its angled arm, the camera sits above the roll motor so nothing’s blocking your view. The company claims to have improved the response speed and torque, allowing for better image stabilization. You can control camera movement using a pressure sensitive joystick on the carbon fiber handle. A point-and-lock feature lets you lock the camera into place by holding it steady in a given position—after several seconds, the PIVOT will lock it into place. There’s an OLED status display screen to read out battery life, operation mode, and joystick direction. The handle features two ¼-20 mounts and a 3/8-16-inch thread at the bottom for mounting to a tripod or a dual handle support. The gimbal is compatible with Manfrotto’s 501PL series mounting plates to make switching from the gimbal to a tripod simple. There’s an iOS/Android app that lets you wirelessly control and calibrate the gimbal.



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