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Object of Desire: Really Right Stuff TFC-14 Mark II

September 6, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

Really Right Stuff's TFC-14 Mark II Tripod

This summer, Really Right Stuff completely refreshed its entire tripod lineup with a new series of Mark II models. The Mark II tripods feature integrated weight hooks for adding extra weight and several ¼-20 sockets on the outside of the tripods’ apex for attaching accessories. The legs have a new sealed twist-lock mechanism that keeps sand and grit from slipping between the legs and the lock. It also keeps moisture from seeping into the legs and freezing. The 360-degree collet and wiper shield can be removed from the twist locks for easier cleaning.

Like all Mark II tripods, the TCV-14 ships with rubber feet, which can be swapped out for spikes or rock claws when needed for uneven terrain. Of all the tripods in the line, it’s the most compact and lightweight (along with the TQC-14 Mk II) yet still able to hold 25 pounds of gear. The apex stud is reversible and there’s a removable hand strap so you can use your own bodyweight to stabilize the tripod when needed. There are four leg sections that stretch to a maximum height of 47.6-inches or a minimum height of 2.8 inches.

PRICE: $835

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