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Object of Desire: Syrp Magic Carpet Pro Slider

June 14, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

While you don’t know what you can find on an actual magic carpet ride, Syrp’s version is a bit more predictable. This reinforced aluminum slider is built with quick-release adjustable legs, so it can be placed directly on the ground, and comes with a counterweight roller for vertical shots. If you want to mount the slider to a tripod, there are mounts on either end and in the middle of the tracks.

The Pro is sturdy enough to keep 70 pounds of camera gear gliding gently down its tracks thanks to its concealed fly wheel. The fly wheel can be deactivated, too, if you’re moving a lighter load across the rails. Thanks to its high precision ball bearing rollers, your camera will glide gracefully as you guide it across the rails (it’s a manual slider). The Magic Carpet Pro will be sold in 2- or 3-foot lengths but with its Track Joiner system you can add more rails to elongate the slider to any length you desire. The Track Joiner system also enables you to break the Magic Carpet down into smaller pieces for easier transport.

PRICE:$989 (2-foot track)

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